LBC Consulting® company profile

We are an independent company. We develop creative strategies; our support during their implementation is based on superior tried and tested methods. We do not operate in a rigid fashion and have thus developed our core competence further. We have developed our creativity and have combined both a global perspective without losing sight or neglecting the local status quo.

LBC Consulting® supports its customers independent of their product or production, implementing integral concepts optimally introduced, and taking into consideration all factors, for example: Company strategy, people, company culture, organisational structure, economic viability, technology and future surety.

Lean business process consulting overview

Positioning Lean-Consulting Business
Performance­spectrum Consulting, Coaching and Qualification with Core Topics Shop floor-management and Lean Manufacturing
Company Turkey
Know-How Years of experience plus Experts network
Founded 2007

Our values

  • Our consultants encourage and support.
  • Our clients’ future is important to us.
  • We believe in entrepreneurial planning.
  • We promote: Be brave, ask questions.
  • We work together.
  • We act with responsibility.
  • We lead by example.
  • We communicate truthfully and openly.

These values are our benchmark and how we are measured, especially when working with our clients and our workforce. These values are of fundamental importance to us and mirror our conduct throughout each project.

This means:

We concentrate fully on the future of our clients.

We can only safeguard our future by providing our clients with high quality service. We offer coaching expertise which continually improves your future. This is why this we consider it to be our primary concern. We place our customers’ priorities in the foreground. This is the basis for everything we do and the reason why we have grown.

Entrepreneurial planning

Engagement, lateral thinking and new ideas are crucial if we wish to belong to the best. We require an approach which creates a positive attitude and working climate.” Yes” instead of “yes, but”, which demands new ideas from both individuals and groups.
“Yes” instead of “yes, but”
and “Why not” instead of “Why”?

Perhaps we won´t always achieve our goals but by adopting this attitude to our work we will create new ideas which can be put into practice quickly. “Just do it” challenges the workforce to problem-solve themselves, with professional support. This will promote most original ideas both for and in the company.