Dieter Maier

Born 1962

"The change takes place in the head"

Dieter Maier started his career in the automotive industry after training as a car body and vehicle builder. He spent 6 years with Porsche AG and 5 years with Porsche Consulting, where he gained in-depth knowledge of the Toyota Production System. Dieter Maier has worked in process, coaching and management consulting for more than 20 years. His experience lies in the cooperation with OEMs, the supplier industry as well as numerous projects in different industries and companies - from the group to the small company.


Career development

  • Porsche AG, Coachworks
  • Porsche AG, Foreman
  • Porsche AG, Manufacturing POLE Position, LIP, Supplier management
  • Consultant Porsche Consulting GmbH,
  • Consultant with U² GmbH Business consultants,
  • DaimlerChrysler AG, LMC Lean Manufacturing Consulting, Senior Associate,
  • Managing Director
  • LBC Lean Business-Process Consulting

Luk Bierens

Born 1961

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"Firefighting sucks. Push them back"

After his studies in electro-technics, Luke started his career in the automobile industry. He worked many years at Toyota and became an enthusiastic fan of the Toyota Production System. Since over 20 years, Luke trains companies in KPI-pyramids, performance management, value stream design and sustainable continuous improvement.


Career development

  • Master Electrical engineer
  • VOLVO Cars Europe
  • TOYOTA Motors Japan
  • Consultant Porsche Consulting GmbH
  • Consultant, Staufen AG
  • Festo Training und Consulting, LBC Lean Business-Process Consulting, Managing Director